Tent & RV Sites

Nature Revives the Spirit

We believe the sights and sounds of nature--not those of the next campsite--will help our guests achieve this ideal.  Trees, flowering mountain laurel and rhododendron help to screen the sites from one another.  Also,we stress that we are not a party campground, therefore, after 10pm, "What (noise) happens in your campsite, stays in your campsite", (we don't expect guests to go to bed at 10pm, just be mindful of other campers).  So, revive your spirit in one of our secluded, walk-to tent sites or shady, drive-to tent or RV sites. Open year round. 

Our Stellar Tent Sites

Stellar Tent Sites Our walk-to tent sites allow you to experience camping the way it was meant to be--no headlights, virtually no traffic noise, no TV--just the golden glow of a campfire, the relaxing sounds of nature, and a sky awash with stars. An easy downhill walk (25 to 200 yards) from the parking area at the bathhouse, each secluded campsite has a picnic table and a fire ring/grill (but no electricity or water). We provide handcarts to help you load in your gear. Carved from the forest, these sites are for small to medium tents.  Scroll down for a chart of maximum tent sizes. Click here for rates.

Take a video tour of our Stellar Tent sites Aster - Iris:
Click here for more videos.


Techno Tent Sites We have a couple of tent sites that have water and electricity, for those who need to bring along their modern conveniences (& the sites have free Wi-Fi, too). While we have left them as natural as possible, they are not secluded (the Stellar sites are the more secluded sites). These shady, drive-to sites share an area with the RV sites. They include a water spigot & electric outlets, a picnic table and fire ring/grill. Techno tent sites are for 1 tent and dining canopy or screen room. Click here for rates.

Hook-up with Nature Due to hills and curves on our mountaintop, our shady sites cater to the smaller RV or trailer (ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM LENGTHS we can accommodate: 32ft. 5th-wheel or motorhome; 28ft. pull-behind trailer. Scroll down for a chart of maximum RV sizes per site). Each site is equipped with 20 & 30Amp electric & water hook-ups, picnic table & fire ring/grill. We have a dump station & bathhouse. Dump station does not have water in winter. Our shady, graveled sites are situated for your privacy and relaxation. With our limited number of sites, reservations are recommended.  RV sites are for 1RV only -- no tents allowed with an RV. Note: When towing a  trailer longer than 25ft. in the mountains, a 4-wheel drive vehicle is suggested (but not required)--mountain roads' steep hills and curves can be slippery when wet. 

We do not offer seasonal or permanent sites.
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Which tent site is right for you?

Stellar Tent Site

  • More secluded "back country" feel
  • Walk-to site (25-200 yards)
  • NO water, electricity or WiFi at site
  • Closer to bathhouse (most sites)
  • Small to medium tents (see chart below) 
  • Some sites accommodate 2 tents

Techno Tent Site

  • Less secluded (you will see other campsites & vehicles)
  • Drive-to site
  • Water, electricity & WiFi at site
  • Further from bathhouse (up the hill)
  • Larger tents accommodated
  • Only 1 tent per site

Shelter Camping--the Elf Shelf and the Gnome Home

We only have 1 of each of these sites, so reserve early and reserve often!

The Elf Shelf   We think elves would definitely be at home on our 3-sided and roofed camping platform among the tree branches.  It has a fold-down raised platform with room for 2 sleeping bags or a queen air mattress (you provide) and a sleeping bag on the floor. With a secluded location, this elevated campsite is magical.  This drive-to site has a water spigot nearby (but no electricity), is convenient to the bathhouse and has a picnic table and fire ring/grill.  Parking for 1 vehicle.  Maximum of 3 adults (no children at this site) and a 2-night minimum on weekends. Click here for rates.

The Elf Shelf Site

Elf ShelfPorch Railing

The Gnome Home  You will want to make this fully enclosed, wooden-floored and roofed campsite your own “Gnome Sweet Home”!  Inside is a raised platform with room for a queen air mattress or 2 sleeping bags (you provide), storage for your gear under the platform, 2 screened windows, and is convenient to the bathhouse.  Outside the Home, this drive-to site has parking for 1 vehicle, a picnic table, grill, fire ring, electrical outlet and nearby water spigot. Maximum of 2 people and a 2-night minimum on weekends. Click here for rates.

Interior of the Gnome Home

Ash Grove's On-site Amenities Include:

  • Our exceptionally clean bathhouse with all the modern conveniences--heat, flush toilets, sinks, & hot showers
  • Small playground, badminton and horseshoes
  • Nature trails, a small stream & waterfall, and the beauty and serenity of our mountain setting.
  • Coin laundry
  • Small camp store with the essentials
  • Free Wi-Fi service is available in the RV and Techno Tent sites, and near the office.  Weather conditions and your equipment may limit the quality of the Wi-Fi service.


  Availability & Reservations

    1-tent Stellar sites maximum 4 people, 2-tent sites maximum 6 people (Kudzu maximum 8 people).  Techno Tent & RV sites maximum of 6 people.



    Site Name     Tent #1      Tent #2

    Aster              9 x 12           N/A
    Bluet             11 x 14          N/A
    Clover           10 x 14        8 x 10
    Daisy              8 x 10          N/A
    Elder               8 x 10          N/A
    Galax              8 x 12        7 x 9
    Hemp            12 x 12         N/A
    Iris                 10 x 17         N/A
    Kudzu            10 x 14       8 x 10
    Lily                10 x 12          N/A
    Maypop         10 x 12         N/A
    Nettle            11 x 14          N/A


    Site#     RV Types and Maximum Sizes

    #1      Any pop-up or truck camper. 
              Pull-behind trailer Maximum length is 18'.
              Class B or C: Maximum length is 24'.
              NO slide-outs.
              This is a pull-through site.
    #2      Any pop-up or truck camper. 
              Pull-behind trailer Maximum length is 22'.
              Class B or C: Maximum length is 26'.

              This is a pull-through site.
    #3      Any pop-up or truck camper.
              Pull-behind trailer Maximum length is 28'.
              Class A, B, C: Maximum length is 32'.
              5th-wheel Maximum length is 32'
              This is a BACK-IN Site. 
    #4      MINIMUM trailer length of 21' and
              Pull-behind trailer Maximum length is 28'.
              Class A and C: Maximum length is 32'. 
              5th-wheel Maximum length is 32'.
              This is a pull-through site.
    #5      Any truck camper or Class B van.
              Class C: Maximum length is 25'.
              NO slide-outs.
              Only ultra-light trailers, such as a SylvanSport GO,
              which can be disconnected and easily
              maneuvered by hand.

    Property Map Click HERE to enlarge 

    Property Map

    No campsites are on or near the stream.

    Cabins & campsites are open year round.

    Click here for a video tour of the Stellar Sites