Frequently Asked Questions About our Camping Sites

We are constantly updating this page. If you don't see the answer you are looking for here, please call us for a chat. We want you to have an excellent visit to Ash Grove and are happy to answer any questions you might have. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it ok if we arrive late?

               This is one of the most common questions we are asked.
                No. It is not ok if you arrive late. Let me explain why.
                Our check-in times exist for several reasons:
                         1. Safety. Our roads and trails do not have lights, and it often rains. We need to make sure that you get to your campsite safely and that you have enough time to set up camp, so we do not do check-ins after dark. Sunset times change with the seasons, so check-in times are different in summer and winter. Read your confirmation email to see what time check-in is for your arrival date, or call us and ask.
                         2. Guest experience: both yours and that of the other guests in the campground. People come to Ash Grove to have a peaceful woodland experience. The earlier you arrive, the more time you will have to get settled, decompress, and enjoy your camping trip, AND the more peaceful the evening will be for you and everyone around you. You won't want someone noisily setting up camp when you are trying to enjoy a your campfire, and neither will the guests in the site next to you.
                         3. This is business like any other, and we have office/business hours like every other business. This is particularly important because we are a small, family run business and we are open year-round. If you arrive late, you force us into the incredibly difficult position of either turning you away, or sacrificing our personal plans. While we work hard to accommodate our guests and their needs, and while we understand that there are sometimes situations beyond your control, we are also deserving of our personal time. 

              So, in order to avoid a difficult situation, make sure that you plan your travel thoughtfully. Read the confirmation emails we send you and double-check your arrival time. Plan to arrive early. Take into account that you might run into traffic delays and weather along the way (particularly on Fridays and Holidays!!). Let us know what your ETA is and keep in contact with us if anything changes. 

Do you sell firewood?

               Yes! We have excellent firewood available onsite. We purchase it from a local supplier who cuts it into small pieces, cures it, and bundles it for us. We charge $7 per bundle. You can pay with cash, or run a tab on your credit card during your stay.

               We do recommend bringing a small hatchet so that you can shave off kindling.


Do you have potable water?

               Yes! Our water comes from deep mountain wells. It is delicious and clean. Save the space in your car and use refillable water bottles, you do not need to bring water with you.

Is there water or electricity at the camp sites, themselves?

               Stellar Sites: There is no water or electricity available at the Stellar sites, themselves. These amenities are available in  the
                bathhouse/parking lot area.

               Techno Sites: All Techno RV Sites have both water and electricity.

               Elf Shelf: There is water available near the Elf Shelf. It does not have electricity.

               Gnome Home: Bring an extension cord and you can get electricity in the Gnome Home. You will share water with Techno Site #5,
               directly across the road. 

Where do we get water or electricity if we are in the Stellar Sites? 

               Our bathhouse is the central hub on the property. There is a faucet at the the bath house. You can fill your water bottles there.
               We also provide buckets so that you can take water down to your tent site to keep next to your campfire. 

               If you want to use an inflatable mattress, there are electrical outlets at the bathhouse. Just make sure you have someone to help you carry your mattress back down to your tent. :)

What about trash disposal?

               We have a secure trash enclosure next to the bath house with bear-proof garbage cans and recycling bins. 
               Bring small trash bags with you to carry your garbage from your site to the trash enclosure. 


How do we stay dry if it rains?

               Great question! Here are some ideas:

  1. Make sure your tent is waterproof. Take it out of storage and check all the seams before you come, so that you do not risk sleeping in a leaky tent.
  2. Remember your rain fly. When you set up your tent, put on your rain fly and keep it on. You never know when it might start drizzling.
  3. Bring an appropriately sized ground tarp. Your ground tarp should be just smaller than the footprint of your tent.
  4. Bring ropes and extra tarps to provide cover over your tent and picnic area. We are happy for you string up tarps from our trees. We simply ask that you treat the trees kindly. Do not cut or damage them in any way!!
  5. Wear quick drying or waterproof clothing.
  6. If you do get wet, we have a coin-op laundry available for you to use. You don't need to worry about bringing quarters with you. We have plenty and can make change for you so that you can use the washer and dryers. We even sell detergent. 

What about bears?

               While there are bears in the surrounding woods, we generally do not have issues with them roaming our property. That said, it is best to be prepared for an encounter. Secure your food at all times. Be responsible about your trash and deposit it in the bear-proof trash cans. Read THIS ARTICLE about bear safety. The bears in our area are black bears, and you can read more about them HERE.

Do you have WiFi?

               Yes! We have excellent WiFi service on our property. Many of our guests use it for remote work or schooling. It is possible to do Zoom-type meetings using our system.

               Stellar Sites: You will not get any electronic service at the Stellar tent sites, but you will be able to connect at the picnic tables by the bath house
               or in any of the paved areas of the campground.

               Techno Sites: The Techno Sites all have great WiFi connections.

               Elf Shelf and Gnome Home: Both of our camping shelters have excellent WiFi connections.