Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cabins

We are constantly updating this page. If you don't see the answer you are looking for here, please call us for a chat. We want you to have an excellent visit to Ash Grove and are happy to answer any questions you might have. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Are your cabins furnished?

               Yes! All you need to bring are yourselves, food and personal items. Click HERE for full cabin descriptions.

               In addition, the cabins each have a screened-in porch with outdoor seating, a private barbecue grill and picnic table.

               If you would like to have a wood fire, there is a large, stone, communal firepit near the cabins, which you are welcome to use for that purpose. We have excellent firewood for sale on the property for $7 per bundle.


Do you have WiFi?

               Yes! We have excellent WiFi service on our property. Many of our guests use it for remote work or schooling. It is possible to do Zoom-type meetings using our system.

Do your cabins have A/C or heating?

               Yes! The cabins have A/C in the summer and baseboard heaters for winter.

              Woodspirit’s Retreat,  Dogwood Den and Ponderosa Pines also have gas fireplaces. These are functional in the winter, but turned off and simply decorative in the summer.

Do you have potable water?

               Yes! Our water comes from deep mountain sources. It is delicious and clean. Save the space in your car and use reusable water bottles, you do not need to bring water with you.

Do you sell firewood?

               Yes! We have excellent firewood available onsite. We purchase it from a local supplier who cuts it into small pieces, cures it, and bundles it for us. We charge $7 per bundle. You can pay with cash, or run a tab on your credit card during your stay.

               We do recommend bringing a small hatchet so that you can shave off kindling.

I see that you have check-in time restrictions. Do these apply to cabins? What if I need to arrive late?

               Our check-in time restrictions apply to our camping sites. If you are staying in a cabin, late arrivals are fine. You may arrive any time from 3pm, onward. Simply let us know what time you think you will get here, and if it is after office hours, we will set up a self check-in for you.